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How To: Not Get Anything Done


Yep, this is the 4th 6th time I've sat down to write this post.

Life, and by life I obviously mean the internet, seems to just get in the way.

Procrastination is rife thanks to Facebook.
It has nothing to do with who you are as a person.
Trust me, the fact that you leave everything to the last minute is the internets responsibility.

I blame it entirely for this yarn in which I will pass on to you, the internetual gems that have stitched up any chance I ever had of bringing you some quality content.

  1. The first thing that led me astray is this, the Hauraki Bhuja boys and Jacinda Ardern interview.
    Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte are the greatest. Of all time.


  2. Bloody Gordan Ramsay teaching me how to make fondant potatoes
    Great now I'm hungry.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs_9L61ba5Y

  4. This cute Simba shit

4. This quiz that solves your existential crisis


But what I really should be filling you in on is Maverick is now offering 20% off all our L.A. Girl products!

Maverick Cosmetica LA Girl Sale

L.A. Girl is a cruelty free brand that is all about providing high quality makeup to all!
I love that they are so reasonably priced and cater to everyone whether you're a makeup junkie or just starting out in Makeup Land.
Haven't heard of L.A Girl?

Here. Allow me to help you procrastinate even further:

Wanna get amongst and try them out for yourself?



This sale is for a limited time and there is limited stock so get in quick babes!
And if you're like me, good luck getting shit done.

Keep being you

Megan x

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