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How To: Survive Being Sick


Being sick sucks. Duh.

Especially when you and your partner (or whoever you live with) are both sick at the same time.
You lose all motivation to do anything. Like think about another blog post topic. So Tim reckoned I could write about being sick. Genius.


Anyone who has racked up approx. 26 laps round the sun is destined to have their fair share of tummy bugs and flus.
In this time, I've discovered a few tips on how to make being out of sorts not the absolute worst state to be in.
You're welcome.

Step 1 - Gather Treats.


You deserve the finer things in life at this time.
If you've got an itchy throat, snack on crisps throughout the day as the texture will scratch for you on the way down. Or nuts are good for this too actually. Treat yo'self though. Delicious chocolate hugs you from the inside out. Cosy, warm cups of tea is also ideal, keep your fluids up my friend! Remember to sip water throughout the day.
If you've got a fever, store Kiwifruit in the fridge and eat em cold. They are super high in Vitamin C (more so than basic oranges) and high in fiber and enzymes help cheer up any grumbly tummys.

Step 2 - Make A Cosy Nest.


Big blankets and lots of pillows are key. Light a couple of candles for soft lighting. Harsh, cruel things like the sun and Outside World should be avoided. Turn your phone on to "Night Shift" This is the visual equivalent of a warm hug from your phone instead of an icy blue scream that burns your eyes out.

Step 3 - Enlist Cute Sick Buddy.


Lull your pet/boyfriend/girlfriend into a false sense of security via loving eyes and soft, docile tones. Once they think they are safe, ensnare them into Cosy Nest. Force affection from them and make them love you. You are fragile, precious thing and they must treat you as such.

Step 4 - Watch Wholesome Movies.
My faves for this time in life are:

- Harry Potter. All of them. Obviously.

- The Craft. Classic 90s vibes.

- Nick Frost & Simon Pegg movies.

Note: not ones where they're on their own, those movies are shit. They have to be starring together.

- Anything Dick van Dyke.

Basically, stuff that doesn't make you think or get your heart rate up.

Step 5 - More Treats.
Have all the treats!
Put on a glorious facial mask, run a bath chuck in a Lush bubble bar, and order a takeaway. Just do it. If you can be bothered, put your towel in the dryer while you're in the bath for extra cosy once you get out. You're worth it.

Step 6 - Remember.


You will be a bit mental at this time of illness. You will speak in riddles and utter nonsense and that's ok. Your Sick Buddy will inevitably get sick of your shit so let them run away from you for a bit.
But don't fret because they shall return. The enticing Cosy Nest will always win.
Remember to rest and take the time your body needs to get back on track! Also remember when you're well, how good it is to be on form and be grateful for your health.

Keep being you

Megan xx